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Why buy an electric bike?

Why buy an electric bike?

Electric bikes are the most convenient alternatives to public transport and other long car journeys. They can move at a speeds from 15mph to over 20mph with our Roodog range. Electric bikes have a lower running cost of 8p/mile, which is far lower and manageable than the 80p/mile of a car. Of course there is no MOT, tax or insurance requirements either. 

Think of the benefits an electric bike could add to your daily routine.

Quick travel

Cars might indeed be quicker for longer journeys. However, when you're in a city, it's very hard to beat an electric bike's speed and practicality. Cars don't have the same level of maneuverability. Most of the time, their speeds might drop below 10 mph, and for motorcycles and mopeds, they have more of the speed advantage and will always be confined in the road. European countries are now concentrating on the construction of cycling lanes, which calls for more people to invest in electric bikes. The speed of an electric bike is not only limited to the sophisticated cycling infrastructure, but also it can breeze up the hills and give magical performance through the headwinds.

You Can't Sweat

The obvious conventional bikes typically make people arrive at the final destination feeling extremely exhausted. Even if you take the longest route to work with an electric bike, you won't sweat. The electric bikes have extra operation components, including sensors, a better motor system, electric display, and pedal assists. Pedalling an electric bike is easy; you won't get tired or overwork your body - meaning you arrive at your destination box fresh and ready to go.

Making the up-hill struggle a thing of the past

The biggest advantage of electric bikes is their strong capabilities to climb even steepest of hills. With a reasonable effort, you can climb a gradient at 10%, and the correct electric bike will even beat a slope gradient of 25%. The gear system propels these machines against steep slopes with an average speed that means you won't feel slow or struggle - perfect if you live in a hilly area or are past the age where you need to prove how fit you are.

It's a great way to get fit

We find that people with electric bikes are prompted to use them continuously for a regimented physical exercise. That burns calories, especially on the hills, and the rider will have their bodies flexible and in good health form. People who also wish to reduce a significant amount of weight typically use an electric bike. The extra fitness boast of the machine is based on its ability to reshape your body to the shape you've always dreamt about.


Electric bikes are eco-friendly machines that use electric power to support human power. Therefore, driving them means that there are no carbon emissions that have detrimental effects on the environment. The electric bike's ability to utilize lower than the expected battery energy has made it gain popularity in different parts of the world.

Ultimately, the motorized electric bikes meet all the laid down regulations in various states and are always effective in giving the desired ride. It might need assisted propulsion, but its general electronic integration is legitimate, and its controls are well-responsive. Electric bikes usually make the impossible possible.