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Legal Fees

Legal Fees

The official standard for electric bikes in Europe is BS EN15194. The United Kingdom is slowly adopting the same. Our bikes have undergone a rigorous testing process, and they comply with this standard.

There is a requirement that you should be aged more than 16 years to ride the electric bike in Queen's highway, UK.

The electric bicycle's motor system uses the energy of not more than 250 W when capped with a top speed of approximately 15.5mph. The motor is automatically programmed to stop its function when it's pedaled or when brakes are applied. The maximum weight that electric bikes can withstand is something that is more than 40 kilograms.

Stay tuned to our real-time updates through the link below to learn about the regularly changing rules and regulations of electric bicycles.

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Recent researches have shown that more than a third of road users understand the highway codes. We recommend that you try it since it's a paramount thing in safety concerns. If you're a cycling enthusiast, then you shouldn't miss more of the Highway Code discussed here [Link to site with highway codes]