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Electric scooters - A Buyer's Guide

Electric scooters come with a lot of choices, your going to want to buy the best model and brand to suit your budget. Here's our guide to buying an electric scooter.

When buying an electric scooter, you should consider the following elements:


The choice of electric scooter you choose to take it home should have total capacities to explore whichever areas that life will call you to go. The best electric scooter is the one that offers you the best way to get from A to B and back.

The more extensive the range, the more the distance that your scooter will cover between charges. The best electric scooter is the one that won't need to charge every time. Our electric scooter range is ideal for daily riders. You can cover an average of 25 miles without plugging it in for power- that is convenient!


Your scooter should be easy to carry and store. The scooter's size will determine how you can carry it using one hand, tuck it under the desk or fit it in the car boot.

It's recommended that you work with an electric scooter with the following folded dimensions; 113cm (L) by 46cm (W) by 50cm (H). It has been tested and proven that the scooter models with the stated details tend to be the most practical. The compact electric scooter should follow you anywhere; made easy for you to pick up and go to any place you want.


Your travel companion should be accessible and portable. You will be caught by bad weather at some point in life, and you might require the proper maneuverability of your scooter for ultimate safety. Therefore, you should choose a model that can be lifted easily. The reasonable weight range for most scooters is approximately 11 Kg. 12.5 Kg electric scooters can be easily handled by anyone, and anything above 13 Kg might be challenging to carry around.

Ultimately, speed, wheel type, and hill-climbing capabilities also play an important role in helping the electric scooter buyers choose the best thing for their anticipated rides.