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Electric Bikes - better for our health

We can all agree that normal push-bikes keep us fit, but electric bikes offer their discerning owner something slightly more - our research shows us that customers who, perhaps wouldn't normally cycle are more keen to get on their electric bikes and go further.  The benefit of a 'pedal assist' motor means hills and head winds aren't such a problem any more.

We've found that people electric bikes owners use them more often than normal bike users. Additionally, electric bike enables users to cycle faster.  If you have health problems; electric bikes might be the solution to your quick recovery. Using electric bikes is perfect for those with knee problems. It is also easier to ride and use.

One customer told us that the bike greatly benefited him since he had bad knees. It was easy to ride, and this gave him much joy whenever he used it.

Electric bikes are a great form of exercise. The Chief Medical Officer advises that adults should consider 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise daily.

Electric bikes also help with heart health. There are a sensible and viable option for anyone looking to reduce their risk of heart disease through moderate, daily exercise.