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Electric Bikes - better for the environment

Electric bikes generate zero carbon emissions. Compared with cars, motorbikes, or mopeds, the amount of energy required to run electric bikes is significantly low. That makes it the ideal transportation choice with little or no impact on the environment.

The batteries used by the electric bikes can only be removed and recycled after the end of their lifespan. Older parts of electric bikes can be changed, and the removed equipment can’t work in any way to cause solid-waste pollution- the recycling process is done.

The 36 volts 10 Ah lithium battery consume approximately 150 watts of energy. That is likely the same energy you need to light up the 100W light bulb in your home. Therefore, you can get enough power on your electric bike battery sufficient for 30-45 miles depending on the road condition and the general power usage.

The eco-friendly bikes have five different power options that you can choose from. The product specifications are clearly stated, and you can’t miss out on any highlights.

According to a recent study on the impacts of electric bikes on the environment, it was found out that:

  • Electric bicycles are 18 times more energy efficient compared to a standard SUV

  • They are 13 times more energy efficient than the common family cars

  • They have an almost similar impact on the environment when compared with the conventional bicycles

Finally, you can easily find eco-friendly electric bicycles that can suit your family's lifestyle. Every home should have one. Check our range of electric bikes. Choose the best electric bike that meets your needs; their prices are also pocket-friendly.