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The best electric bikes under £2000

Posted by Richard Hatton on
The best electric bikes under £2000

Everyone these days is fascinated by the concept of electric bikes and how helpful it could be for the climate. In the earlier days, it was difficult to buy one of such bikes since not many companies manufactured them. But now, you can easily get one in your budget and for this.

We feel that they are the perfect mode of transportation for everyone who cannot afford to get a car or any other mode of transport. Let’s face it, in the current era it is not possible to spend so much money on taxis, buses, etc, and that ads up a lot in total. Hence, you can get these e-bikes for your everyday commute, office, school, college, etc. They are fast, keeps your healthy, perfect for the climate, and it does look cool as well.

There are several reasons that one should go for an electric bike. Some you may already presume since they are pretty obvious but to convince yourself into investing your money for an electric bike, here some of the major points you can look into.

  • Faster and much more flexible than regular bikes
  • Assisted Pedalling gives less stress to your knees and makes your ride even smoother.
  • Great for a healthy body
  • Environment-friendly
  • Perfect for Office and College rides
  • Saves time, money, and energy
  • Skip the hassle of public transport
  • Affordable and great investment for long term

All of the above are some of the few we can think of being the biggest advantages that you can get from buying an electric bike. It can be a great option for you for an entirely different purpose that is why you should for an electric bike.

Other than this, this e-bike is highly portable. Apart from the normal ones, some of these can be folded and you can keep it any space you like. It hardly takes time to fold it and get it in its place. You can even share it with your family since it runs on battery and that is all it needs. No hidden costs for fuel every day, or any maintenance every time. Simply take care of it during rainy days.

Moreover, you will be thrilled to know that even if you are not okay with hoping to buy an entire bike just for this purpose, there are e-bike conversion kits that are available too on the web. If you already have a regular bike, you can get these kits and convert it by yourself. It is that simple but may not work out for everyone since you need to have a bike that is in perfect shape.

Avatar Roodog Electric Bike

Roodog Avatar is an incredible electric bike that has been designed for mountain bikers. This makes it even more powerful than the regulars as you need great speed and strength to ride on a mountain. To start with, the Avatar is an easy to use and completely safe bike that you can use all day long. 

We loved the design and the frame of the bike that perfectly fits in like the mountain bike you would ask for. Moreover, this bike is very comfortable and the seats are padded for your convenience. The Avatar has been built with precision and the Shimano Altus 7 speed gear system adds more to it by making it even more reliable. Other than this, you can use it like a regular bike that requires constant peddling. However, if you want faster rides, you can kick in the electric mode and put less effort while peddling.

This bike can achieve a maximum speed of 15.5mph which is incredible. It has been powered by the 250W brushless motor that gives the strength it needs for mountain biking. Furthermore, this electric bike runs on a 36V battery that gives the range of about 28 miles, and the battery lasts for 4-5 hours or even more.

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