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8 Reasons why Electric Scooters are the future

Posted by Doug Hatton on
8 Reasons why Electric Scooters are the future

8 reasons why Electric Scooters are the future

Electric Scooters are rapidly increasing in popularity, and are clearly hugely on trend right now. But investing in an electric scooter isn’t just a fashionable flash in the pan – purchasing an electric scooter is a great investment in the future. Electric scooters are no 5 minute wonder, they are here to stay, and here’s why:


1. Clean & eco-friendly

A great choice for the environmentally conscious, electric scooters produce zero emissions, making them a much cleaner choice for short journeys than hopping on a moped or in the car. No additional air pollution is definitely the way forward – The UK government says so.


2. Impressive speed & range

Our scooters can reach new speeds with our E-Twow Booster S+ Electric Scooter reaching 20mph and our E-Twow Booster GT SE Electric Scooter reaching 25mph and covering distances of around 18 miles, electric scooters are a great way to explore. Perfect for zipping around busy city centres, they are an equally fun way to take in the countryside.


3. Easy to ride

The controls of an electric scooter are so easy to use, anyone of any age can master them. Both our E-Twow electric scooters fold miking it a truly accessible personal transportation vehicle, electric scooters can often assist people with limited mobility who don’t require a wheelchair or mobility scooter to get around and cover longer distances.


4. Healthy choice

A great way to get out into the fresh air and avoid crowded trains and buses, riding an electric scooter is better for you than you may think. Standing while you travel is great for posture (particularly if you’re at a desk all day) and your core muscles get a workout keeping you balanced.


5. Compact & portable

Folding down for easy storage in your car boot, hall cupboard, locker or under your desk, electric scooters are compact and lightweight enough to carry as needed. Big flight of stairs? All our electric scooters fold to make it perfect for taking around.


6. Effortless charging

When you finish your journey, just plug in your scooter battery and your trusty ride will be ready to go again in a couple of hours. No fancy equipment needed, just a regular socket. Our E-Twow Booster S+ Electric Scooter takes 4 hours to charge whilst our E-Twow Booster GT SE Electric Scooter takes only 3 hours to charge. 


7. Commuter friendly

For anyone using public transport – which is The Government’s preferred future plan for travel – it’s highly unlikely that your bus or train takes you door to door. Electric scooters are a great ‘first and last mile’ solution to get you where you need to go – just fold it down and carry it with you.


8. Affordable option

Our prices on our electric scooters range from just over £500 with our E-Twow Booster S+ Electric Scooter up to almost £800 with our E-Twow Booster GT SE Electric Scooter. Making it a worth while purchase at a great price !

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